Calorie Bomb

It ain’t rational what we do.  It doesn’t make much sense.

People eating poison being plied as food.

It’s a capital offense.

It’s all because we eat wrong feast while families starve.

Eat because a sad song made us feel depression

Look at how it’s all made.  Try to appreciate

how we are with everything.  Nothing can make you separate.

See how this system propagates the symptoms.

Takes your hand puts your finger on the trigger of a calorie bomb.

The rules being written underscore the truth.

Corruptive greed so evident

Notice how the more they try to take control

That they actually get less

Try to stop this slave trade started by conglomerates

who blindly made one farm from all this was built upon

Saving woman, child, man giving everyone a chance

For a noble life lived getting better than the give

Won’t you wake us all up from this slumber?

Predicated by another. Medicated getting dumber

from your calorie bomb.

There’s no reason for someone to die

To lack then not survive.  Die right before our eyes.

Everything we need to be complete, thriving human beings

Is right under our feet.

Believing what an ad says? Profit-driven nonsense.

They prey upon your sadness turn it into madness

All you pretty people who could be so hopeful

You keep on eating it exhibiting no discipline

See how your pride dies with every bloated mouthful

Wobble on by as you obliterate your system with a calorie bomb.

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