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Greetings — here’s a few news tidbits:

After a short Winter hiatus, Hmfo: A Hall & Oates Tribute and Start Making Sense: A Tribute to Talking Heads, return this weekend.  Hmfo will be at Havana in New Hope on Friday, Feb. 27 and Start Making Sense will be at Dante’s Bar in Frostburg, MD on Saturday.

My original song, Illuminated (you can find it on the music player to the right), will be featured on the Richie Allen Show in the UK this coming Wednesday, March 4.  You can listen here:

The time is 8-10pm in the UK and 3-5pm in the US (East Coast).  Richie’s show is tied in with one of my favorite public figures – David Icke.  His son Gareth, a great singer/songwriter, will be hosting the music portion of the show.  I’m very excited about this as the show features a lot of activists/journalists/academics from around the world who are ignored by mainstream media.  Check it out!!

My newest yoga/ambient album, Dreaming of Being: Volume III, is now available.  It’s a perfect complement to your existing yoga/mediation/healing arts practice.

Additionally, I am currently working on a full-length album of my original music which will hopefully be completed this Fall.  As some of you may know, this music is not like my Yoga music.  It is highly-charged political/humanist commentary supplemented by grooving funk/r&b rhythms — all with a positive spin (mostly).

Anyway, hope to see or hear from you soon.  I will be doing some upcoming long-distance travel including trips to Florida and Canada, but also will have a few local shows to catch.  Stay tuned to the calendar or, better yet, sign up for the mailing list for more efficient communication.  Thanks for listening.



Dreaming of Being: Vol. III — Official release!!!



OK — all finished.  Whether it supplements your practice or just helps you chill out after a rough day — I present the latest installment of my Dreaming of Being series.


This third volume creates a beautiful arc of energy from the slow, minimal beginning to the slightly more uptempo middle and then slower and spacier again for winding down at the end.  It ended up being exactly one hour long — which I doubt I could have done intentionally — which may help with timing for classes or professional sessions.  Choral vocals, some percussion and drum kit, swirling synth pads and leads, a dense bottom end and soaring melodies create a rich soundscape for any meditative/relaxing practice.  I have actually received a lot of feedback from people who use the previous two Volumes to assist in getting their children to sleep at night.  Purchase using the link below.    The album can also be easily gifted to a friend or loved one by simply clicking a button near the purchase icon.  All that is needed is their e-mail address.  Physical copies will be available soon.

Locally-sourced, organic, free range, original music.  From my heart to yours.  Enjoy.  Again, here is the link:

Peace & Love,


New Yoga Album Imminent – Preview – FREE DOWNLOAD

Greetings. My newest installment of Yoga/Meditative/Healing Arts music, Dreaming of Being: Volume III, is ready for consumption. The official release will be this coming Thursday, December 18 (just in time for the Holidays!!). In the meantime, I am providing a free download preview of one of the tracks. Keep in mind this music is created specifically for practitioners of the aforementioned disciplines. So, songs are longer and the flow is slow and steady. These are not like my usual original creations. This is ideal for Yoga teachers who are looking for something new for their class playlists (or for people who just want to put their kids to sleep at night).  Download the song “Destination” here:

As always, thank you for your continued support. Enjoy.

Peace & Love,

The latest….

Haven’t posted in a while so wanted to keep everyone up to date on what’s been happening lately.  The two tribute bands I play with — HmfO (Hall & Oates) and Start Making Sense (Talking Heads) are very busy.  We regularly tour the East Coast  and mid-Atlantic states from Maine to Virginia — including a week-long trip to Georgia and Florida in early November.  The schedule stays pretty dense through the holiday season before we take a short hiatus in the early part of 2015.

I have a brand-new project called Thunk which I am very excited about.  I actually feel pretty lucky to have been asked to be a part of this as it consists of some really stellar musicians.  While it is still a cover band at this point, we are taking lots of liberties with the material — which is pretty diverse (Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Peter Gabriel, Tears for Fears, etc.). The band is comprised of myself – vocals, keys, pedals; B.D. Lenz – guitar; Ken Pendergast – bass and Kevin Soffera – drums.

I am close to completion on my third yoga album – Dreaming of Being: Volume III.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the first two, please do.  I have been practicing yoga for over twenty years and have longed to merge it with my music.  I finally have done that (although I am still refining it).  Look for this newest installment sometime around Thanksgiving.

I am also working on the logistics for a new, full-length album of my original funk/soul/r&b/political/conscious music.  Hoping to start this before the end of the year.  I am considering crowd-sourcing this project so I may need your help.

As always, thanks for listening and all of your support.  Trust that it means the world to me.  Stay tuned and stay positive.  Peace.


Node mini Tour

The power trio known as NODE, one of my side projects, has scheduled a weekend run in the Lehigh Valley for May 9 through 11.  The band consists of myself on keys and vocals, virtuoso guitarist B.D. Lenz and drum wizard Kevin Soffera.  We perform a mix of my originals as well as a few unique cover songs.  Here is a link to the promotional single we recorded last summer:

The gigs are: Friday, May 9 at Riegelsville Inn, 8-11pm in the pub; Saturday, May 10 at Black & Blue, Easton. 9-midnight;  Sunday, May 11 at The Funhouse, Southside Bethlehem. 10pm start.

Hope to see you!!

Node returns

NODE is BACK!!  I booked the entire weekend of May 9-11 for the boys and I.  It kicks off Friday, May 9 at Riegelsville Inn.  Saturday is at Black and Blue in Easton.  We close out the weekend with a Sunday night show at the Funhouse in Bethlehem.  It will be great to get back into the groove with Kevin and B.D.   Be ready for some new material, as always.

Yoga/Meditation Music Anthology

Ok…So I’m not really sure if two albums qualifies as an anthology but I’m trying to sell some music here. ;)  Just a friendly reminder that I have two ambient/yoga/meditation albums for sale right now.  Both are about an hour long and were produced with the relaxing arts in mind.  Completely original and created with the purest intentions. Preview/purchase here:   


HmfO: A Hall & Oates Tribute, one of my newest projects, is really hitting its stride.  We just had a great show at Brooklyn Bowl last week opening for Questlove‘s DJ set.  We are heading to New England for the weekend but have some local shows coming up March 29 at World Cafe, Philly – and April 4 at Mauch Chunk Opera House in Jim Thorpe.  You can keep up with this group using the following link:

New Yoga Album – Now Available!!

Dreaming of Being::Volume 2 cover art

Volume Two of my Dreaming of Being Series is now available.   Here is how I summarized it in my promotional materials:

This installment is livelier than Volume One and a bit less expansive – while still maintaining a peaceful pace that blends wonderfully with a multitude of progressive, holistic and spiritual practices. Volume Two is directed more towards the yoga practitioner whereas the first Volume was composed principally with body workers and meditation practitioners in mind. I have been practicing yoga almost as long as I have been a musician and I relish the opportunity to combine these two profound disciplines. Enjoy. Peace.

Preview and buy it here: