A Little Local

Hi.  I have two upcoming local shows that I’d like to fill you in on.  Friday, April 8, I will be playing duo with Mike Lorenz at Artsquest. 8-11pm.  The next night (April 9) I will be at Roar Social House with Thunk3 (Kevin Soffera, B.D. Lenz and myself).  9-midnight.  Hope to see you.


P.S.  This site is currently being  re-designed.  Hoping to have it up & running soon.

New Xmas Song to Benefit Veterans in Need

active2A couple of years ago, I came across some images of homeless Veterans sleeping in the streets in the heart of Winter.  I was angered and saddened by their reality.  Here were people who had risked their lives with the understanding that their sacrifice could lead to better lives for the rest of us.  Now, I don’t necessarily believe that any of the wars we fight serve anyone save for a select few.  But, these soldiers were led to believe that it was the right thing to do regardless of the politics surrounding their situations.  I couldn’t help but empathize with the stark physical nature of their existence.  I  was even more moved by the emotional/spiritual aspect of them spending this time of Thanks and Celebration without family, friends or support.  Thus, “Cold Christmas Day” was born.  I had been sitting on it for a while but was inspired by some volunteer work a few friends have done and decided to make this a way for me (and hopefully you) to give to those that gave their everything.  So, in that spirit, I will be donating 50% OF ALL PROCEEDS to a group called Active Heroes.   Active Heroes is a fundraising organization that supplies support programs to military veterans in an attempt to end veteran suicides which, at this time, are reaching epidemic levels of 22 deaths per day.  Please feel free to give as you are able.

You can purchase the song through the link below:


Or, you can donate directly to the local chapter of Active Heroes here:


Oktoberfest and some other stuff…

Greetings. The Proposition returns this Saturday to Artsquest’s Oktoberfest — noon-3pm, TD Bank stage. I’ll also be playing solo later that night in the lobby at Zoellner Arts Center opening up the Lisa Fischer show (she’s the famous voice from Rolling Stones’ “Street Fightin’ Man”). There’s another Proposition gig later this month at Heritage in Northern Liberties, Philly on October 30th. Hope to see you.
My latest record, “Songs for Humans,” is still on track to be released soon. I’ve been super busy so it’s been slow-moving of late. I am closing in on the finish line, though, so keep an eye out for it. I will probably release a few ‘singles’ before the full album is done to give you a preview as well as to give myself a small sense of accomplishment :) You can check out the first of these — “The Truth Is Just A Lie” — here: http://bit.ly/1GvAq90
Don’t forget that my third installment of the Dreaming of Being yoga/meditation music series is available, as well. Just follow the links from the STORE tab on the website.

As always, thanks for listening.

Peace and love,


Here is the link to download the new single, “The Truth Is Just A Lie.”  The new album, “Songs For Humans,” will be available in early Fall 2015. (Don’t forget to check us out this Sunday at Musikfest — TD Bank Stage 4-5pm and then, later that night, at the Funhouse in Southside Bethlehem)


Here are the lyrics:

Why do the wicked seem to have control of every innocent dream?
The nightmare of their minds infects our eternal Divine.
If nothing they say is true, why do we let them do the things that they do?
We’re living in the world that only they want.

If you’ve ever lived life from the heart
Then you know that it’s a great place to start
To eradicate injustice, bring peace upon us.
Dig down into the depths of your soul
Embracing everything that’s making us whole
Discard the rest know that you’re blessed.

If there was ever such a thing as a good intention
We needn’t keep clawing at this fake facade.
Reality ‘til now has been an elite invention.
We need to keep reminding them they’re not our gods.
No, and they’ll never be.

The truth is just a lie that they indoctrinate into you and I.
You only get to see the phony things that they allow you to see.
It’s time for the meek to rise and make reality the speak of our time.
Take it back the world we lack.




Ahhh, August in the Lehigh Valley.  It means different things to different people but for local musicians it means Musikfest.  As one of the largest music festivals in the country, it offers plenty of performance opportunities for artists. I will be playing at and around the festival this year on a few separate occasions.   Here’s the skinny:

Friday, Aug. 7 — HmfO (A Hall & Oates Tribute) at the Funhouse.  10pm.

Sunday, Aug. 9 — Thunk at Festplatz. Noon-3:30pm.

Sunday, Aug. 16 — The Doug Hawk Proposition plays 4-5pm at Town Square near the Artsquest Bldg.  Then, later that night at The Funhouse.  Personnel: Doug – vox.keys, Tyrone Fredericks, Jr. – sax, Greg Kettinger – bass, Kevin Soffera – drums.

Alert: New album coming soon!!!  Stay tuned.

Hope to see you.



Upcoming — Summer

Greetings.  There’s a lot going on so let me get down to it.  I have a bunch of local stuff coming up so please check out the schedule to the right.  I would like to highlight my upcoming Doug Hawk Proposition gigs:

Fri., July 24 at Heritage, Northern Liberties neighborhood, Philadelphia.  This is a new venture by the owners of Time Whiskey Bar in Center City.  Great place to listen!! 10pm-1:30am.

Thurs., Aug. 15 at Allentown’s Summer in the City. PPL Plaza.  Free 11:45am-1:15pm.  Outdoors.

  Sun., Aug 16 at Musikfest, Town Square, 4-5pm.  Followed later that night by a performance at the Funhouse!!

Good to be back working with this band after a bunch of touring with Start Making Sense and HmfO.  These performances will prominently feature my own compositions as well as some twists on a few more familiar tunes.  This segue-ways beautifully into my next important topic which is………

I am currently recording a full-length album of original music which is scheduled for release in early Fall.   Hoping to have some previews available soon.  I am excited to finally be able to give these songs the treatment they deserve.

On a side note, my latest installment of the Dreaming of Being series of ambient/yoga music is available.  I’m really happy with how it came out.  It’s a perfect accompaniment to any sort of relaxing/meditative endeavors. Purchase/preview here:


More news to come shortly.  Thanks for listening!!





Latest, greatest…

Greetings — here’s a few news tidbits:

After a short Winter hiatus, Hmfo: A Hall & Oates Tribute and Start Making Sense: A Tribute to Talking Heads, return this weekend.  Hmfo will be at Havana in New Hope on Friday, Feb. 27 and Start Making Sense will be at Dante’s Bar in Frostburg, MD on Saturday.

My original song, Illuminated (you can find it on the music player to the right), will be featured on the Richie Allen Show in the UK this coming Wednesday, March 4.  You can listen here: http://www.fabradiointernational.com/

The time is 8-10pm in the UK and 3-5pm in the US (East Coast).  Richie’s show is tied in with one of my favorite public figures – David Icke.  His son Gareth, a great singer/songwriter, will be hosting the music portion of the show.  I’m very excited about this as the show features a lot of activists/journalists/academics from around the world who are ignored by mainstream media.  Check it out!!

My newest yoga/ambient album, Dreaming of Being: Volume III, is now available.  It’s a perfect complement to your existing yoga/mediation/healing arts practice.

Additionally, I am currently working on a full-length album of my original music which will hopefully be completed this Fall.  As some of you may know, this music is not like my Yoga music.  It is highly-charged political/humanist commentary supplemented by grooving funk/r&b rhythms — all with a positive spin (mostly).

Anyway, hope to see or hear from you soon.  I will be doing some upcoming long-distance travel including trips to Florida and Canada, but also will have a few local shows to catch.  Stay tuned to the calendar or, better yet, sign up for the mailing list for more efficient communication.  Thanks for listening.



Dreaming of Being: Vol. III — Official release!!!



OK — all finished.  Whether it supplements your practice or just helps you chill out after a rough day — I present the latest installment of my Dreaming of Being series.

PREVIEW/DOWNLOAD HERE: https://doughawkproposition.bandcamp.com/album/dreaming-of-being-volume-iii

This third volume creates a beautiful arc of energy from the slow, minimal beginning to the slightly more uptempo middle and then slower and spacier again for winding down at the end.  It ended up being exactly one hour long — which I doubt I could have done intentionally — which may help with timing for classes or professional sessions.  Choral vocals, some percussion and drum kit, swirling synth pads and leads, a dense bottom end and soaring melodies create a rich soundscape for any meditative/relaxing practice.  I have actually received a lot of feedback from people who use the previous two Volumes to assist in getting their children to sleep at night.  Purchase using the link below.    The album can also be easily gifted to a friend or loved one by simply clicking a button near the purchase icon.  All that is needed is their e-mail address.  Physical copies will be available soon.

Locally-sourced, organic, free range, original music.  From my heart to yours.  Enjoy.  Again, here is the link:


Peace & Love,


New Yoga Album Imminent – Preview – FREE DOWNLOAD

Greetings. My newest installment of Yoga/Meditative/Healing Arts music, Dreaming of Being: Volume III, is ready for consumption. The official release will be this coming Thursday, December 18 (just in time for the Holidays!!). In the meantime, I am providing a free download preview of one of the tracks. Keep in mind this music is created specifically for practitioners of the aforementioned disciplines. So, songs are longer and the flow is slow and steady. These are not like my usual original creations. This is ideal for Yoga teachers who are looking for something new for their class playlists (or for people who just want to put their kids to sleep at night).  Download the song “Destination” here:


As always, thank you for your continued support. Enjoy.

Peace & Love,